Attorney General Conway to Appeal KY Homeland Security Decision

Attorney General Jack Conway has decided to appeal the decision of Franklin County Judge Thomas Wingate that the Kentucky Homeland Security law is unconstitutional.

Is this "plaque" worth hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars?

Is this "plaque" worth hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars?

Conway is a Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Republican Jim Bunning. Many political analysts have voiced the opinion that Conway is defending this law as a means of attracting conservative voters.  As Scott Lasley noted in the Louisville Courier-Journal:

“The reality of the situation is that for most attorneys general that would be the end of their political careers. It’s just the reality of the situation, given the political environment you’re operating in.”

Conway’s opponent in the Democratic primary is Lieutenant Governor Dan Mongiardo.  I will request his position on this issue.

Conway claims that the law is simply an “acknowledgement of religion.” But American Atheists legal director Edwin Kagin said the appeal is a waste of taxpayers’ money:

“It’s disappointing the attorney general would want to protect a clearly unconstitutional law that attempts to establish a religion in Kentucky.”

Conway announced the decision to appeal on the Friday before Labor Day. Fridays are known to be the slowest news days, especially Fridays before a holiday. This is probably another politically calculated move by Conway.


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