Lexington Herald-Leader Criticises Conway’s Appeal

It is obvious to many that candidate Conway's appeal was a political decision instead.

It is obvious to many that candidate Conway's appeal was a political decision and not an act of leadership and courage.

I will quote the text of an editorial from the Lexington Herald-Leader that you may also read at this webiste: http://www.kentucky.com/591/story/935968.html.

Public Policy or Plain Politics

As a sitting attorney general who is also a candidate for the seat being vacated by U.S. Sen. Jim Bunning’s retirement, it is imperative that Jack Conway keep the latter role from affecting his performance in the former.

Throughout the ongoing campaign, every action Conway takes in his official capacity, every opinion his office issues and every case it decides to pursue will be analyzed for potential political impact.

That is the reality he created for himself when he entered the Senate race.

And it is within the framework of that reality that his office’s questionable decision to file an appeal in a religious freedom case must be judged.

At issue is a 2006 statute that required the state Department of Homeland Security to stress in its official reports “dependence on Almighty God as being vital to the security of the commonwealth.”

Franklin Circuit Judge Thomas Wingate recently ruled that the statute violates the First Amendment’s protection of religious liberty.

“This is the very reason the Establishment Clause was created: to protect the minority from the oppression of the majority,” Wingate wrote. “The commonwealth’s history does not exclude God from the statutes, but it had never permitted the General Assembly to demand that its citizens depend on Almighty God.”

It was a reasoned, logical decision that seems likely to be upheld on appeal.

Conway’s office, which defended the statute at the trial level, should have recognized it as such. Instead, it chose to appeal.

At any other time, such a course of action might be criticized as no more than an unwise waste of time and resources.

But now, in the midst of a senatorial campaign, it also raises another question.

How much did Bible Belt politics factor into the decision to take this crusade for the “Almighty God” statute to Kentucky’s higher courts?


One Response to Lexington Herald-Leader Criticises Conway’s Appeal

  1. Brian O'Neill says:

    It is indeed frightening to think that a man with such poor judgement and such a lack of understanding of the law is an attorney at all, let alone our Attorney General. Clearly there is a political agenda involved, especially since the opposition has their hands tied – an attack on his ignorance of Constitutional Law can be twisted into an attack on god and religion. Isn’t it also sad that since we are in Kentucky we actually have to be concerned about the decision of the higher courts. Best of luck, thanks for taking a stand, and please post if there is any way that others can help out.

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