Mayor Abramson Knows Nothing About Homeland Security Law


Louisville Mayor and KY Lt. Gov. Candidate Jerry Abramson

Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson was today’s guest on the National Public Radio (NPR) program State Of Affairs. Abramson is also the Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor, running with incumbent Governor Steve Beshear.

I took the opportunity to call in and ask his opinion of the KY Homeland Security law and what he would do if he were governor. His response surprised me: “Is this a federal or state law?”

I informed him it was a state law. He then added that he would have to research the issue and could not provide an answer based upon my little “snippet.”  I will send an email to his office and request his response after his research is complete.

On the positive side, you could infer from his comments that he supports separation of church and state.

To hear all of the interview with Abramson, click the link below. Then click “Listen to the show.”  You can either save the mp3 file to your computer or listen to it with an mp3 application.  My question is in the middle of the interview.

Ask the Mayor

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Motion to Dismiss Video now Online

Edwin Kagin in His Office 23 Feb 2005 (02)The legal arguments of the Motion to Dismiss the Kentucky Homeland Security lawsuit is now available online at

No Objection to KY Supreme Court Transfer

KY Attorney General Jack Conway has agreed to move the lawsuit to the KY Supreme Court

KY Attorney General Jack Conway has agreed to move the lawsuit to the KY Supreme Court.

KY Attorney General Jack Conway has no objection to the request by American Atheist National Legal Director Edwin Kagin’s motion to transfer the KY Homeland Security lawsuit in the KY Supreme Court.

Kagin is pleased that Conway has agreed to the transfer and believes the chances are quire good that the case will be heard by the KY Supreme Court.  Nothing further will occur in this case until there is a ruling on this motion.