KY Supreme Court Denies Transfer


The members of the Supreme Court of Kentucky are, standing, left to right; Deputy Chief Justice Will T. Scott, Justice Wil Schroder, Justice Mary C. Noble and Justice Bill Cunningham, and seated, left to right; Justice Lisabeth Hughes Abramson, Chief Justice John D. Minton Jr. and Justice Daniel J. Venters.

The Kentucky Supreme Court has denied the plaintiff’s motion to transfer the case from the Kentucky Court of Appeals to the Kentucky Supreme Court.  No reason is given and none was required to be given. Transfer is at the discretion of the Court and the Court has decided
that the transfer should not be done.

This means that the Appeal filed by the Kentucky Attorney General’s office will be first hear by the Kentucky Court of Appeals.

The next step is for the  appellants (Kentucky Office of Homeland Security, et al.) to file their brief. Then the plaintiffs (American Atheists, et al.)  file their brief. There may also be amicus briefs (friend of court briefs by organizations like the ACLU) filed. There may or may not be oral arguments ordered.

This decision will result in this case taking longer to proceed than otherwise.