Family Foundation files Amicus Brief

The Family Foundation filed an Amicus Brief. The certificate portion contained the following claim:

Believing that civil government has always been viewed by Americans as an institution ordained by God for the blessing of nations and the protection of individual liberties, including religious liberty, The Family Foundation supports the right of all branches and levels of government to formally acknowledge dependence upon the Creator in the course of their operations. There is no question that this has been a continuing practice of our nation’s elected leaders since the founding of the Republic.

Following this total denial of our nation’s history, you can imagine how bad the rest of the Amicus brief is.

Family Foundation Brief Certificate

Family Foundation Brief Details


State Representatives and Senators File Amici Briefs

Amicus Brief of state representatives and senators are linked below. I have only skimmed them.  They basically both claim that the laws do not establish a state religion and therefore do not violate the first amendment. They also claim the plaintiffs do not have standing since we were not really harmed or coerced (ignoring that government officials are coerced). They also want the phrase “fanatics, traitors, or fools” stricken from the records.

Kentucky State Representatives’ Motion to File Amicus Brief

Brief of Amicus Curiae Ninety-Six Kentucky State Representatives

Kentucky State Senators’ Motion to File Amicus Brief

Brief of Amicus Curiae Thirty-Five Kentucky State Senators

ACLU Amicus Brief

Below are links to an Amicus (friend of the court) brief from the ACLU.  I have not read them in detail.

The image processing software led to many typographical errors in the online document that were not present in the original document. Therefore, I have updated the ACLU documents.

ACLU’s Motion to file Amicus Brief

Brief of Amicus Curiae ACLU