Family Foundation files Amicus Brief

The Family Foundation filed an Amicus Brief. The certificate portion contained the following claim:

Believing that civil government has always been viewed by Americans as an institution ordained by God for the blessing of nations and the protection of individual liberties, including religious liberty, The Family Foundation supports the right of all branches and levels of government to formally acknowledge dependence upon the Creator in the course of their operations. There is no question that this has been a continuing practice of our nation’s elected leaders since the founding of the Republic.

Following this total denial of our nation’s history, you can imagine how bad the rest of the Amicus brief is.

Family Foundation Brief Certificate

Family Foundation Brief Details


One Response to Family Foundation files Amicus Brief

  1. Alex says:

    That makes my brain hurt. “God” was a little slow in protecting individual liberties through government, wasn’t he? The hundreds or thousands of Christian nations before the US didn’t seem to notice god’s desire for personal liberty (or draw the line at whatever point in time you like if you consider personal liberty to be somewhat protected before the US, wherever that line is it didn’t start with the first christian nation of Armenia).

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