Beshear’s Homeland Security Report Includes Unconstitutional Language

Steve Beshear

Steve Beshear continues to follow the KY Homeland Security law that has been declared unconstitutional.

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear’s 2010 Annual Report of the Kentucky Office of Homeland Security¬†¬†includes religious statements that were ruled unconstitutional by Circuit Court Judge Thomas Wingate. You can click on the link below and read the Protection Statement on page 2. In previous years, Governor Beshear had included this language in a supplement. For some reason, he promoted this language to page 2 AFTER it was ruled unconstitutional.


Oral Arguments Set for KY Court of Appeals

Kentucky Court of Appeals

Kentucky Court of Appeals

On January 8, 2011, American Atheists National Legal Director Edwin Kagin received an order from the Kentucky Court of Appeals setting oral arguments in the Kentucky Homeland Security lawsuit for February 24, 2011, 10:45 AM at Court of Appeals Courtroom, 360 Democrat Drive, Frankfort, KY.

The members of the three judge panel assigned to hear and rule on this case are:
Hon. Ann Shake
Hon. Laurance VanMeter
Hon. Thomas Wine

Plaintiffs are encouraged to be present for the oral arguments.