Appeals Court Denies Amicus Curiae Oral Arguments

Senior Judge Anne O'Malley Shake

Senior Judge Anne O'Malley Shake, sitting as Special Judge by assignment of the Chief Justice

The Kentucky Court of Appeals has collectively denied the motions of a

Thomas Wine

Judge Thomas Wine, KY Court of Appeals

variety of Amicus Curiae (Friends of the Court) to present oral arguments in the appeal. 

The ACLU is the only Amicus Curiae supporting American Atheists. Amicus Curiae supporting the state include lawyers for 35 state senators, lawyers for 96 state representatives, and the Family Trust Foundation of Kentucky.  This ruling means that these parties will not be permitted to present oral arguments.

This ruling will prevent Ex-Judge Roy Moore from arguing for the senators. Roy Moore is best known for being removed from the Alabama Supreme Court
Judge Laurance VanMeter, KY Court of Appeals

Judge Laurance VanMeter, KY Court of Appeals

for ethics violations. Moore installed a 5280 pound granite monument to the 10 commandments in the Alabama Supreme Court rotunda.  He refused to follow the orders of federal judges to remove the monument. Moore also wrote the original draft of the Constitutional Restoration Act in 2004. This bill would have limited the power of the federal judiciary in religious liberty cases, and it would have required the impeachment and filing of criminal charges against federal judges who

ruled for separation of church and state.   Moore’s Foundation for Moral Law hosted the 2010 Alabama Secession Day commemoration, which included many speakers with ties to the League of the South and described as neo-Confederates by the Southern Poverty Law Center.


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