Ky Attorney General Conway Responds

Jack Conway's finally replied after SCOTUS ordered him to do so.

Jack Conway’s finally replied after SCOTUS requested him to do so.

Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway filed a response to the AA petition to the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS). Originally, Conway elected not to reply. He was requested to reply by SCOTUS and finally did so.

I have attached the response here: Ky Attorney General Response.

I experienced several face palm moments when reading the document, but I will just discuss three of his claims.

1) the statutes are a part of the legislature’s valid secular purpose… of protecting the Commonwealth from all major hazards

This is an ASSERTION not backed up by any evidence. Exactly HOW do these religious proclamations and requirements protect us?

2) 39G.010 does not require anyone to recite, affirm, or swear to the text of 39A.235.

39A does make it a misdemeanor to violate that statute, the EOC IS REQUIRED to publish the findings in educational materials and annual reports, and the Governor is also required to publish the findings in annual reports.

3) While a movement to mix religion and government may exist, again it is completely irrelevant to the legal analysis of the statutes

This is an ADMISSION that there is a movement to mix religion and government. It is NOT irrelevant to these statues. These religious requirements can result in a misdemeanor, fine, and jail sentence. I would ask the court what this ADMITTED movement to mix religion and government might do NEXT if this law is upheld. What future religious offenses could be required, and what future jail sentences could be ordered? Today the atheists, tomorrow the Muslims and Jews.