Mayor Abramson Knows Nothing About Homeland Security Law


Louisville Mayor and KY Lt. Gov. Candidate Jerry Abramson

Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson was today’s guest on the National Public Radio (NPR) program State Of Affairs. Abramson is also the Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor, running with incumbent Governor Steve Beshear.

I took the opportunity to call in and ask his opinion of the KY Homeland Security law and what he would do if he were governor. His response surprised me: “Is this a federal or state law?”

I informed him it was a state law. He then added that he would have to research the issue and could not provide an answer based upon my little “snippet.”  I will send an email to his office and request his response after his research is complete.

On the positive side, you could infer from his comments that he supports separation of church and state.

To hear all of the interview with Abramson, click the link below. Then click “Listen to the show.”  You can either save the mp3 file to your computer or listen to it with an mp3 application.  My question is in the middle of the interview.

Ask the Mayor

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Motion to Dismiss Video now Online

Edwin Kagin in His Office 23 Feb 2005 (02)The legal arguments of the Motion to Dismiss the Kentucky Homeland Security lawsuit is now available online at

Interview With Freethought Radio

This "plaque" is a threat to religious freedom!

This "plaque" is a threat to religious freedom!

My interview with Freethought Radio was broadcast today. You can hear the interview at  On my laptop, the radio would play until the first commercial break at 6:30 and then it would go back to the beginning. If this happens to you, move the progress bar until it is after 6:30 and press play. I am interviewed at that time.

You will be able to download the podcast from soon, but it is not there as of today, September 12.

Attorney General Conway to Appeal KY Homeland Security Decision

Attorney General Jack Conway has decided to appeal the decision of Franklin County Judge Thomas Wingate that the Kentucky Homeland Security law is unconstitutional.

Is this "plaque" worth hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars?

Is this "plaque" worth hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars?

Conway is a Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Republican Jim Bunning. Many political analysts have voiced the opinion that Conway is defending this law as a means of attracting conservative voters.  As Scott Lasley noted in the Louisville Courier-Journal:

“The reality of the situation is that for most attorneys general that would be the end of their political careers. It’s just the reality of the situation, given the political environment you’re operating in.”

Conway’s opponent in the Democratic primary is Lieutenant Governor Dan Mongiardo.  I will request his position on this issue.

Conway claims that the law is simply an “acknowledgement of religion.” But American Atheists legal director Edwin Kagin said the appeal is a waste of taxpayers’ money:

“It’s disappointing the attorney general would want to protect a clearly unconstitutional law that attempts to establish a religion in Kentucky.”

Conway announced the decision to appeal on the Friday before Labor Day. Fridays are known to be the slowest news days, especially Fridays before a holiday. This is probably another politically calculated move by Conway.

Kagin Describes What References to God Will Be Challenged

Edwin Kagin recently described what references to god in state and federal law would be challenged.  I was alerted to this AP article in the Kentucky Enquirer newspaper in the first link below, but I also found it in other websites.

Many of the headlines are misleading, such as “Atheists: References to God OK in some cases”.  They interpret this headline from the decision of Kagin and the American Atheists to only file lawsuits they know they can win. Kagin is not saying some references to god in our laws are OK, but rather, some lawsuits are not worth filing.

One interesting place I found it was, a website dedicated to celebrities. Does this make Edwin Kagin an official celebrity?

Atheist Victory in KY Homeland Security Lawsuit in the News

Below are some links to other newspapers and websites that are covering this story.,0,1982687.story,0,1208866.story

Videos on the KY Homeland Security Lawsuit

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